[Game] True or False


False. Ruger 10/22 would fit more as a primary.

Person below has dreampt of riding on dragons (no, not that riding)


False. just say no homo and u good lmao

Person below wants Mad City and Jailbreak to commit 0 players


True,those games are TRASH
Person below has never played Rainbow 6 Siege



Person below is a dude.

@ssuuka no homo


True. I ain’t a Boneless Man

Person below likes Gordon Ramsay

ight u good


False. Haven’t heard of him.
Person below likes minor artists over major ones(e.g. samad savage over Ariana grande)


Very, VERY true. I’d take Sabaton and Celldweller alone over every single major pop artist.

Person below owns guns.


person below is a furry/scalie


person below likes being a bitch


Person below believes that one day, all Roblox servers will crash except for the ones serving Phantom Forces and Stylis Studios will dominate the front page.


False. You know that Roblox will do shit for the money

person below hates skids


Person below should really go to sleep due to the time.


False, Woke up 2 hours ago.

Person below ate snow before.

For anyone that asks, No I didn’t.



Fricker below has sworn in minecraft


True, in my own non-christian server.

Person below burned Diamonds in Lava before!


True. Trolling some kid I found.

Person below enjoys Roblox server latancy, smurfing tryhards, 300ms ping and Australia together


I have 3/4 of what you mentioned. just leave out Australia and you have me

person below played Those Who Remain and actually enjoyed it


Absolutely True.

Person below wants facial hair


true i want facial hair im literally 14 why cant i get it

the next person is 13 or below


tru im 13

person below is existent