[Game] True or False


Verry tru

Person below loves dogs


true, love american bulldogs mostly
person below owns a smaller pet (guinea pig, hamster, etc…)


True, I have 3 pet shrimps

Person below owns a terrapin


Person below has been to a shooting range and exited feeling embarrased


False. I want to tho

Person below had a winner winner chicken dinner


Don’t think you’re talking about surviv.io though
Person below has experience more than 2 growth spurts



Person below is attracted to helicopters


True… I’m an aviation fan
MMM yeah look at those windows
person below is in a serious relationship with a cabbage


False. Id rather have raw broccoli with honey ranch



Person below me plays minecraft


I played it alot when I was younger. Nowadays I play roblox, so yes

Person below unironically listens to Extratone


had to google it, sounds trash so false

person below enjoys over auto-tuned rap


False, I don’t like rap songs.

Person below likes the song bohemian rhapsody


Who doesn’t?

Person below listens to to Her’s or has heard of them.



Person below enjoys when windows 10 fucks over VSYNC


false. i’m still windows 7

person below does visual effects or animation


False. I’m a musician.

Person below is eating pizza right now.


False, Im MAKING pizza right now.

Person below lives in the basement of their house.


False. I’m rotting in attic.

Person below can’t make good fucking music for shit


True. I have no musical talent.
Person below wants to move zip22 to primary slot.