[Game] True or False


False. Haven’t you heard? Everything is BLEAK.

Person below has had pierogis.


person below thinks @Darkman_Bree needs to stop the FAL addiction of his


Person below is single of currently.


Person below is under rank 96.


False I’m rank 120

Person below is subscribed to Pewdiepie.


subscribe to pewdiepie if u don’t u will have committed an opsie
person below will tell me the best scope for the SCAR SSR



Person below has read Shakespeare.


doth thy mother know that thy weareth her undergarments?
person below is



person below knows where
This sentence is false
is featured in a video game


true- that sentence is featured in the true or false game
person below



(I said video game dummy)

Person below is hella gei


False m8
The person below thinks the L115A3 is better than mosin



Person below thinks hecate is better than bfg


False, i am not below you, i blocked your argument using the edit+mention shield


no u reflected us u on so

person belomo is now a homo


False. I use the Martial Arts of “No Homo” in order to protect my heterosexuality

don’t take that the wrong way please

Person below managed to nearly accidentally get themselves laid.


True. It’s a long story

Person below GOT laid


lol false
person below struggles with any relationships


True. I probably won’t go into that for a multitude of reasons lol.

Person below has played Euphoria.


True, but probably not the Euphoria you’re referring to

person below knows the power of Shaggy