[Game] True or False


False. The new Battlefront 2 is shit. However, OG Battlefront 2 is godly.

Person below is a professional musical chairs player.


person below will give me what ever I want


True, as long is bfgs. so many bfgs
Person below is hungry


person below replied to late


True its been 2hrs.

Person below is turning 16 soon.


False; it’s come and gone.

Person below secretly plays Fortnite.


it is true

(i play fortnite in the bathroom)


next person secretly likes trolling


Very true. My favorite tactic is to make an alt account and pretend that i do not know how to play.
Person below is not a person and is above this post.


True. I’m a Dragonite several thousand feet in the air. ofuk is cold

Person below me has a Switch.


nope, i didn’t get one becaues it was overhyped

person below has hated mk11



person below got subnautica while it was free


false. I didn’t know that, but I got Insurgency when it was free

person below has bought something but ended up not using it. bonus if you tell us what it is


True, I actually bought Slugs for Sawed Off to try it out but I never used it.

Person below got killed by the toxic in the Mirage remake: Toxic (Test place)


False, I haven’t tried out the new mirage yet. I don’t really spend much time in the test place as there is usually very little people playing when I’m online.

Person below seldom plays on the test place


true I almost have no point to 1 like = 1 hour of playing test place
person below = pizza cow


false, for now…
person below hates me for liking hawaiian pizza


False. I like hawaiian pizza too

Person below prefers the 1858 carbine to the Henry 4570



person below treats their favorite gun like a waifu too



person below has a high metabolism