[Game] True or False


looking it up now


what is it?
Person below can’t headshot from 800+ studs without a high power scope.


False. I have not been able to get a super long range kill. at 800 studs. my furthest was 400+ with Mosin irons

person below know how mafia works


True. Beat a level 75 Dragonite with a level 64 Dragonite with the power of friendship and became Dragonite master.

Person below has successfully weaponized friendship (like I have)


True. One word: Crobat.

Person below regularly talks with people older than twenty.


true my dad
person below answers the door to strangers


Depends on the circumstances, but usually false.

Person below has been seriously tempted to do something their past self promised to never do.


person below has a butt problem


ah… erm… it’s private

person below likes school


Fuck no
person below mains a bfg baltrak like me


person below scammed roblox game devs



person below reads at least 3 books a week



Person below doesn’t read books


False, i read books

person below reads books


person below likes to say panne


True, I pan my enemies until they are panned enough. But then I continue.

Person below will consider it a honor to be panned by me.


False, I got panned by u multiple times.

THe person below will try to be the 1000th reply


False. Too lazy

Person below is lazy


Very much tru,

The Person Below has played Subnautica


false ive seen it tho
person below has been forced to play and like ea’s starwars battlefront2