[Game] True or False


false. I want to, but 1. I don’t have the necessary equipment 2. my parents won’t let me buy games

person below has been part of the Stylus Discourse since 2016



Person below is a newcomer.


by newcomer if u mean like over 5 months then true
person below plays fray



Person below likes the m45a1 pistol


person below prefers the m1911 over the m45a1 pistol


True, but once the MP1911 exists, kinda hard to go back to an M1911.

Person below doesn’t use Instagram.



Person below’s favourite band is queen


False. Favourite band is Oasis.

Person below has a shoddy PC.


false my laptop was tho until it was destroyed by virus
person below can easily survive in banland


depends, i can outplay a few of the hackerrace people there

Person below knows the true power of the henry 45-70


true only once
person below replied



person below did my almost impossible minecraft challenge


what was that false
person below defeated the wither with a stick in Minecraft


true you never specified survival

person below unironically enjoys minecraft parodies


I’m exposed
person below got an achievement for dying in minecraft


yeah,me, I got the hugging a cactus thingy

person below knows the TRUE power of the AWS


true. but I’m too lazy to go through the trouble of bullet drop compensation

person below watches PewNews



person below watches drama alert




Poke Gay