[Game] True or False


False give me the address please
person below has a minecraft Microsoft account and would like to play with me


True, but it got bugged.

Minecraft Edition: Java Edition
Minecraft Version: 1.13.2
Minecraft IP: purpurmc.mygs.co
Activities: Survival, Creative, Purpur Force (PF in Minecraft) and our upcoming Prison (No, it’s not OP Prison)

Person below replies below me.


person below replies above me


True, I did.

Person below has read this.


person below has to play MC


true, not has to, but it’s fun somtimes

person below uses a loadout like a cowboy (henry /1858 carabine + mateba/1858 new army)


ye hah
person below thinks that I said true but is wrong



Person below has this:

yes hand reveal


False. I don’t have it, but I know that it’s a play model of the M6H Personal Defence Weapons System.

Person below plays Pokemon.


Maybe? I played Pokémon Y to Pokemon Ultra Sun. Then I lost interest.

Person below has a Switch


true, smash ultimate is great

person below hasn’t played PF all week despite posting on a pf forumy boardy thing


true-i have a switch.

finger reveal
next person likes puns


True, I’ve played once because I’ve been dropping time on other games outside of Roblox, and Dynamic Ship Sim 3.

Person below plays Valkyria Chronicles.


person below eats cereal in their bedroom.


false. My mom won’t let me

person below has a big family


False Its me, my 2 sisters, and my parents

Person below got a new pc for the holidays. (I bought mine and it’s coming soon.)


false, i got socks and a cheap mic arm

person below lives with poor parents


Maybe false? I only live with one parent, and they aren’t completely poor sooo…

Person below does prefers thicc girls over chesty girls

Mega hand reveal


Fuck yeah, ass over tits any dinner of the fucking week.

Person below will commit hand reveal



Person below plays this game that I’m holding