[Game] True or False



like 10 times

person below fires a real gun once


false-although i want to
next person likes dried cranberries


False; I like wet cranberries. As in; WANNA SPRITE CRANBERRY?

Person below would love to have a Pokemon travel beside them.


Oof that went straight to my heart :frowning:
What do u mean? Which platform?


person below is suicidal


person below likes dragonfruit



person below wants synthesizer


person below bought mosin


True. It’s gathering dust now.

Person below bought the Scout


True in a VIP server though.

Person below wants to get romantically involved with a girl in 2019. (I DO)


True. I feel lonely sometimes…

Person below hopes that 2019 YouTube rewind will be better


False. I gave up on rewind

person below is listening to music as he/she is reading this


False, Im sitting on the toilet

Person belows do stuff on theirbphone while shitting.


true, I watch YouTube

person below plays games on pc only


false. I game on mobile too, but not as much as pc. fun fact, I’m shit at mobile FPS

person below is good at mobile FPS


no-how do you even play video games on a postage stamp?
person below likes eating cereal every morning despite the bland taste.


false. you don’t eat cereal in the morning, you eat rice!

person below is screwed


True, I ate half a large Cadburys bar on my own.
Person below eats meat but not vegtables


true 1 like = 1 prayer = 1 vegetable
person bellow’s channel is about eating food


False, it’s about gaming and previews in my server.

Person below played on my Minecraft server.