[Game] True or False


maybe. As a community, bad. As a game, pretty good.

person below has the scout in the main game


False ,

person below thinks there should be an AK-12 PDW to PF


False, there are more than enough ak variants.

Person below is going to grind for the steyer


False. I bought it. RIP 10k credits

Person below wants more cases


False, I don’t really care about skins as they don’t affect the gameplay.

Person below doesn’t really care about skins as they don’t affect the gameplay.


False, skins unlock my creativity, also, a little asethetic is always nice.

Person below has tried alcohol before.



Person below tried alcohol before and liked it


Maybe. I tried out beer when I was 4-6 years old. I got a chance to try out wine in New Year.

person below wants more attachments


we :clap: need :clap: more :clap: sights

person below is logang


False, we must clense the evil out of the internet.

Person below has a dog


true person below runs slow walks fast


Depends on the situation

Person below likes gold with ivory on there guns



person below knows the true power of the Melee (you went melee only on rig, just like me)


false. I mean, nowadays I have become an assassin in PF, but I still don’t know the true power of the Melee. Person below trickshots every now and then in Highway, Crane Site, and Mirage.


Every now and then, yeah. But I mostly enjoy employing standard combat tactics instead of playing competitively. Takeusername, the resident Phantom Forces ArmA player

Person below spent last night doing stupid stuff.


True I friggin regret hookshotting a basketball into a neighbor’s yard

Person below had been slacking off lately


how’d you get a hookshot did you rob link

also uhhh continuing with game thing
true, just remove “lately”
person below saves projects till last minute


True, I have a math project due by the 7th and I’ve barely touched it

The next person is currently dying inside


False, 6 is garbage

yes very

person below hates school


no shit. at least I’m in my last year of secondary school, but that means national exams, and that means less phantom forces…


person below somehow managed to get away with unfinished homework