[Game] True or False


False. I live in S.Korea

person below played at least one mission / round of any game with me


True. a few times in PF

person below will be one of the first people to experience 2019. i.e GMT 6+ and ahead


Yes, GMT +7 here


True, 43 minutes to go (GMT +9)

Person below plays at least one of the Civilization games


GMT 8+, I have roughly 1hour 30 minutes to 2019


Lucky bastards.

I have 11 hours until New Years’ Day.


true, civ 4 and 6 (5 is garbage)

person below does “melee only” running around in PF


False, last time I did that was before the melee update. I’m not a degenerate.

The next person had a negative KD on their last game


false, negative KD is impossible to get (between 0 and 1 is still positive why do people call it negative)

person below has a KDR less than 2


true, 0.8

person below is still dying for the svt-40


I meant negative as in more deaths than kills, not literal negatives.


take, come here!

person below is in 2019



Person below is in 2018


True. Finna get drunk on Sparkling Wine

person below wants Robux


True. I’m getting bored grinding in Dynamic Ship Sim. xd

Person below likes white chocolate.


White chocolate waffles :ok_hand:
Person below starts to feel like they’re suffocating and then when they put on their gasmask they feel better :thonk:
Maybe it’s only a Chernobyl thing…


false. if I’m suffocating, I’ll continue to try to deprive myself of oxygen.

person below watches jackfrags


True, once in awhile

person below still plays flash games on their computer


True. I play Strike Force Heroes and Super Smash Flash.

Person below is hyped for Ace Combat 7.


False, although I played the sixth game

person below thinks fortnite is doo-doo.