[Game] True or False


False, i hope… i agree with Sydney Watson on many topics. political correctness just aint it chief

person below cares about politics more than video games



Person below watched spider man into the spider verse and loved it


false. I don’t watch superhero movies

person below doesn’t watch superhero movies


False, I like superhero movies.

Person below watched Kingsman the secret service and loved it.


Hell yeah I did

Person below desires facial hair


true. I’d like a beard, not a moustache tho

person below has lived without any form of technology for at least 3 days


True, I had a 3 day camp in sch and survived.

Person below hates cartoons


my life is centred around art and media, why the fuck will I say no to cartoons.

person below is either a very dark man or a Chevy Camaro


kinda, so i will say yes?

person below praises the sun every day


False, it’s a cold rainy Winter.

Person below wouldn’t even use the trash AN-94 in a zombie apocalypse if you had infinite ammo and no other gun to find.


false, it’s a fucking zombie apocalypse, would I care what gun I’m using? i’ll use whatever to protecc

and he attacc

but most importantly

he TEC(-9)

person below saw me floating in space


False. Didn’t know you were in space.

Person below thinks Call of Duty hasn’t been good since at least 2011 or before.


idk, never played fish game. COD fish pun lol
next person likes making puns


nope, never liked it, battlefield is supreme

person below knows that the Subaru-wrx is the ultimate car. in (almost) any situation






I’m not funny

person below wants flare guns


not really. I think they’ll be useless

person below wants more guns


a :clap: k :clap: s :clap: 7 :clap: 4 :clap: u :clap:

person below has to listen to this and say he liked it


true. Pretty good.

person below made some New Year Resolution that they’ll never do.


false. I don’t make resolutions because I know I’m not the kind of person who keeps to their promises.

person below lives in Kiribati


kinda funky, I like it.