[Game] True or False


person below rekt a youtuber
I rekt dark in one of his vids


False. Darkman is way too hard.

Person below killed Godstatus



Person below watches RTGame.


True, Just watched RT try to stop Country Roads, but it happened anyway.

Person below is forced to like FAL.


false, g3 better

person below thinks G17 is better than M9


True. Glocc is best

Person below wants more pistols


True, we need an update dedicated to pistols, machine pistols and revolvers!

Person below is going to ask Shay for more pistols, machine pistols and revolvers next update.


False. I would ask for an SVT-40.

Person below unironically thinks the Wii was the best console of the 2000’s.



Person below loves the ag-3


Maybe. It’s between G3, AG3, and FAL

Person below wants more belt fed lmg



person below draws in their free time


True. I constantly try to draw anime.

Person below can paint


False, I’m terrible at anything related to art.

Person below watches F. R. I. E. N. D. S


kinda true

person below has been sick for the past week


true I have been for the past month :frowning:
person below has an antidote for sleeping


yes, I actually do take sleeping pills, but they don’t help at all

person below uses mini sight on L115 like a degenarate


Nein, PMII

Person below bought every rank 100+ weapon at rank 100<


person below is an infection


person below in a salad


False. I’m Mallow

Person below is a libtard