[Game] True or False





Person below has scratched their nose before replying to this.


false, im got a cold, so im sniffing rn

person below will make a new post today


false im busy rn lmao

next person is the same age as me


False, I’m 16.

The next person wants to make short films


False. Not really.

person below likes swimming



person below likes balut


I don’t know how to respond. I want to try it, but I have not gotten the chance to

person below hates fermented stuff


I like fermented food.
next person likes mushrooms.


True, i like mushrooms alot

person below hates fartnoite


True, its boring.

Person below hates the new update



Next person is mega weeb owo



Person below prefers intervention to r700 like me


No, slow aiming sniper rifles suck shit

Person below know the myth that grips always slow down ADS time on sniper rifles is fake.


false- the myth is confirmed true by the mythbusters
next person eats baby carrots while thinking about having purple hair



Next person watched my beautiful Northern Lights profile picture gif and enjoyed it.

This thread is only 1 month old and already has 756 posts, let’s destroy the other threads!



Person below has fallen up the stairs

Also Darkman, try to get as many posts as the memes one


true don’t ask how
person below has a bladder problem



Person below desires to commit acquisition of a girlfriend


Tr-waaaaaait :thonk:

next person also lives in Korea like @TheDeadBush