[Game] True or False


actually, yes

im sick and tired of the bullshit that comes flying at me in life, i’m VERY ready to put an end to it, but i have to realize that i would hurt others more than myself by commiting curbside

person below has more AUG kills than me


I’ll have to know how many kills you have, but I have roughly:

400 on A1
200 on A2
600 on A3
800 on HBAR
400 on A3 PARA

person below listens to kpop, which means unusually large homosexuality


no, i dont listen to kpop, and yeah, u only have more hbar kills than me

A1: 1284
A2: 432
Hbar: 293
A3: 1068
A3 PARA: 937

person below has purchased a game, and then went to download the demo after the purchase


false, i havent played a demo in years.

person below has at least 1 game they love that was a complete bomb


true world at war or black ops 1
person below has played all of cod games


False. Haven’t played since Ghosts, but I watched gameplays of WW2, AW, BO3, and IW. None looked great.

Person below is currently an Alpha tester for an obscure game in development.


Unless you count my own games, no.

The person below doesn’t celebrate Christmas.



The person below should be working rn


False I already finished school for today.

Person below likes Ski Mask the Slump God


person below can play A Cruel Angel’s Thesis on piano


false. can’t play piano to begin with

person below actually can play the piano


person below can’t play piano


true-cant play any instrument but can whistle in several different ways
next person is overweight


False. I think I’m average, but a little bit skinnier.

person below can play CS:GO


I don’t know callouts or recoil control that well, but I’m kinda good
person below doesn’t have a gif as their pfp


person below plays tf2


maybe? i used to but i’ve learned how to actually set up my sensitivity so i might play it again
person below is not a weeb



Person below is a true gamer.


true, am an epic gamer fortnite gang ninja
person below plays osu


false, osu is stupid imo
person below is not a virgin