[Game] True or False


person below likes 21 pilots


False. I like garbage mumble rap

person below hates Sema


he’s my friend >:C

person below actually hates toothless


False: depends on which toothless; httyd Toothless is (second) best durg. StyLis Toothless is pretty cool.

Person below owns what is considered by media to be an “assault weapon.”


False,I don’t believe what the media say though
person below has been snapped by thanos


True. damn Sema! keeps Thanos Snapping meh

person below likes to burn ammo


Ye, especially with LMGs 'cause fuck it.
Person below believes the PPK-12 is viable.


true as a last resort

person below is a dragon

camaro, this I meant btw


Kinda tru
I had a kanna pfp multiple times and i once had a tohru pfp

Next person watched kobayashis dragon maid


true, i did
person below played any game of the dark souls series



Next person has got a 10gb+ meme library


False, 0GB.

Next person wants to defeat the evil Camaro from spreading the awful AN-94.


Which artist?


False, Who da heck is that?

The next person has never used the Colt SMG 635


Only idiots haven’t used such a unit of a weapon.

Person below made Phil Swift fan fics



Try the colt smg without attachment, its AMAZING, but only idiots dont use the colt, it fires wonderfly from the hip

Person below does not have more than 800 kills on the Chosen one

is it bad that i have 7000 chosen one kills? and 5000 ish hattori kills?


True, because I don’t own the Chosen One, and I use the Baseball Bat anyways.


Person below owns all of the current melees in the game.


Oh shit, sorry. Tired this morning, XP

False. Still lacking quite a few.

Person below is vegetarian.



Person Below i ready to kermitten’th sudoku