[Game] True or False


True. By searching up anime, they always laugh

person below wants more .50 BMGs in PF


False (we already know why)

Person below is in a relationship with a grill or boi. (Not me keep kek nyet)


person below likes the first few guns in pf more than any other gun in it.


False, My favorite guns are 30+

The person below subscribed to Pewdiepie.


tru, only to make him win from t-series

the next person has been fucked by semas admin weapons in test place


The next person thinks PF should separate from Roblox.



next person is someone who commit breathe


True, the person below me likes Bob’s and vagene


True, but I value her as a person quite a bit more than her body.

Person below openly writes fanfiction.


No, talk to my irl friend who I showed this forum to friend @Luminaire, He is the one who writes those during class ;D


ayyyyyy so do I


shrek slowly inserts his swamp log into yo-


Hey whatcha watc-

Kicks TV out of window


person below makes poems for a living


Pffft. What a bunch of pussy shit

Person below desires a slice of pure, white, innocence.


that sounds like something healthy but tastes disgusting so no
person below Is a sociopath


person below is a sociopath

here have some evidence image image


person below is a sociopath


person below is a sociopath


false person below is a sociopath