[Game] True or False


no clue what it is but I’ll probably enjoy it
person below has added cheetos to ramen


False, I’m not a sub-human.

The person below hates Florida just like me.


false, florida is a fun place, with people dying from hurricanes, drug cartels, alligators, and other reasons that should not be named
person below is going to do their homework instead of realizing that you have a whole bunch of stuff that you probably should’ve done several weeks ago


Person below has went to Dave and busters before


True, It was really damn fun there.

Person below says :b:anne instead of banned.


False. Too lazy.

person below fired a gun


False ,
Person below hates fortnite


true, game sucks.

person below has been to a concert


True,I was forced to go a Justin Bieber concert once
Person below mains trench mace


false, baseball bat better

person below has a desktop



Next person plays fortnite


True-ish. I did, but I found out I sucked at battle royale.

Person below me finds the 1858 Carbine useful as a scout sniper-type weapon.


true-ish because i like to use the 1858 New Army as a sniper
Next person is underweight


False, I am a unit (I’m still pretty fat tho, not on the Mar level at least.)

Person below has lost their innocence


true-i am exploiting little kids for victory royales
Also i am 178cm tall and just 50kg
next person has a yt channel


False. I’m not a creative person

person below wants the M249 Saw in PF


Doesn’t really matter to me if its added or not.

The next person has a mechanical keyboard


true-Hacker k660 special edition
next person uses logitech mouse


depends. I have three mouses (lmao) but right now I’m using a Logitech one (but not made for gaming). I have two wired and one wireless

I guess it’s true

person below has friends


True. i’ve got you guys and physical friends.

Person below tries to impress girls with comedic value