[Game] True or False


i’m not american so idgaf

person below has either russian or german bias


True, long live German Engineering.

Person below played BF1


True and I’m bad at the game.

Person below has a crappy laptop.


true I used to we called it the lag top but its broken now
person below watches pbs kids.


True when I was a kid.

Person below is in a calm state of mind today.


person below is freaking out


true. internal conflicts all the way

person below is a furry


False, but I know a couple.

Person below writes poetry.


False, I don’t.

Person below is :b:ay


false, and can we NOT replace letters with emojis? if i was mod i would have banned you straight away

below dosen’t belive in god, because the truth is that a celestial being isn’t possible


False I do believe in God.

Person below is religious.



The person below is in school



The person below is class of 2021.


false,class of 2022 here

below knows that roblox barely mentions other games like PF and ect because they want to keep the current meta because of the cash flow.

(real question is: below aggrees that roblox needs to mature)



person below agrees with me that the Steyr Scout is only for really skilled players


False, because I haven’t used it so I don’t know.

Person below believes that a quantum supercomputer calculating for a thousand years could not even begin to approach the number of fucks they do not give. The person below ALSO understands this reference.



The person below is a complete retard


person below knows where I got this quote from: “Government cover ups are not in my job description”


True. And I must say I’m impressed – never expected you of all people to dig that.

Person below sides with Thanos.


True. Overpopulation is a bad thing.

person below owns a gun