[Game] True or False


False. I’m not a Star Wars fan.

person below has an IPhone


False. Android master race.

Person below has bought something more than $100 USD.


True twas my aqaurium probably a whopping 300 bucks.

Person below hates Apple Products.


False. Their IPad is pretty good for drawing imo.
theyre also faster but pls no war

person below is a default skin


person below has brought a 5$ skin



Person below isn’t a weeb.


person below is a kill stealer.



person below doesn’t like the Scar-L


True.SCAR-H master-race
person below is a Mosin nagant tryhard



Person below is just a simple person trying to make their way in the world.



Person below is the complete opposite of that


true, I like to tear people down, and mentally destroy them day by day, and I have never failed. im the reason my middle school had to close for 3 months because every teacher quit because of me (they made them write a reason down on paper, and every one of them had my name somewhere on them lol

person below would hate to spend a week alone


Well, of course I’d go fucking crazy of I was by myself for a whole week. Hell, I’d probably turn a basketball into the face of Owen Wilson.

Person below almost got laid



Person below will maintain their virginity until marriage.

goddammit bot



person below has loving parents


Well of course cuz if they didn’t they would have never spanked me with a belt ok let’s be honest, they stopped spanking me because it doesn’t workbut taking my shit away works wonders on my mind

Person below has spent under $100 on Steam.


true, i spent around $3 for a TF2 case key

person below watches JackFrags


false-the heack is jackfragz?
person below likes broccoli soup


person below owns a GP-5 Gasmask and Soviet Ushanka



person below is a Republican.