[Game] True or False


True. Rank 133

person below played PF modded before


person below takes pictures of their MGSV: The Phantom Pain experience


What the fuck is that

Person below is a weeb


lel no
Person below has never played an RPG before.


False, I played the Mario & Luigi RPG series (Bowser’s Inside Story is my fav)

Person below has also played a Mario & Luigi RPG game before.


False ,
person below has never played a arcade game before


false I played pac man
person below knows how to code a roblox game


False. LUA is confusing as fuck.

person below can build stuff in Roblox Studio


person below tried typing before me


Guilty as charged,
person below thinks the ak47 is better than the akm


Ye lol

Person below has Fallout New Vegas


person below knows what soyboy means


True. I know what soyboy means, and I doubt anyone here is one since most people here are younger than 18. :^)

Person below has subscribed to PewDiePie to beat T-Series.


True. I liked old, gaming, non-Christian server Pewdiepie.

person below likes Rap moosic



person below likes rock & roll


True ,
person below likes Justin.B


Maybe. Most of his songs are nostalgic, but he’s a douche.

Person below likes Cars


True in fact my favorite car is the BMW i8.

Person below has a girlfriend or boyfriend

I don’t I’m a sweaty virgin.


I refuse to disclose that information
Person below went to a foreign country and drunk their water and got sick in the process.



Person below likes Star Wars The Clone Wars.