[Game] True or False


lol is ok


True, me have doggo.

Person below used their face in a pfp


person below doesn’t use custom discord themes like a cool kid


how do you even do that??

person below uses light theme in discord





person below likes the fal less than the AG-3


false, I actually prefer the FAL over AG-3, but G3 over FAL

person below agrees with me


True, I COMPLETELY agree with you. (Except for the G3 part)

The next person grinded kills for the MAC-10 Sionics Suppressor. (I did it)


false, I bought it for the lulz

person below has all the attachments for at least one gun. (I have it on the RPK)



person below has used a BFG 50 & SFG 50 both in one loadout


true. was absolute hell for me and my victims

person below has played with M1858 Revolver and Carbine combo. bonus if you have played well with it



person below plays osu


falseish? I play some osu-like games on roblox. (Mostly rhythm track)

person below has a M and S in their username


have an M and technically an S

cus MrGarfield26 = Mister Garfield Twenty Six

so i have one M and two S

so it’s true

person below is a piston destined to doom people


You thought it’d be PistonsofDoom, but it was me, dio! image
person below is actually a piston who dooms people


False, it never happened
Person below likes the revolvers


true especially the newest model
person below likes me


Person below puts the milk first then the cereal


false who the heck does that
person below has a name


False who does that?

Person below is rank 100+