[Game] True or False


true; im very decent

person below has over 200 hours on csgo


False, I have 0, never played it.

Person below me likes the SVK-12E in the test place. (2-Burst AK-12 DMR)


false, its trash

person below likes travis scott


False. Although I do like his song Goosebumps, which features Kendrick Lamar

The person below owns one of the Pocket Operator Synthesizers


False, I have no idea what that is
Person below is over 180cm tall


True, I’m 186cm.
Person below has used every gun more than once and done well with them in PF.


Pretty much true.

The person below has the most inconsistent keyboard



The person below has played phantom forces atleast twice in the last year


True, are you even trying?

the next person hasn’t kissed a girl/guy before.


true. I don’t have a girlfriend get ;-;

the person below believes that he exists in an alternate dimension where in PF, the BFG is not cancer



person below has multiple gay friends.


False , I never had any,yet.
person below had a friend who had ADHD.


False, but my friend did.
Person below plays Arma 3


False,I played america’s army though
person has played a game in the GRID series(Ex: Race driver:Grid,Grid 2,Grid autosport)



person below has never played a game through origin


False, have to use it to play mirrors edge. except I fucking hate origin

Person below is dyslexic


False, I only have ADHD.

Person below has been in a test place server with me and @RedComm only once


False. Only Darkman, Mrgarfield26, and guy_with_no_name

Person below has a pet



I remember you were in a server with me and Red and u said oh hey, it’s soldier


o yea.

sorry I just forget a fuck ton