[Game] True or False


person above is the gay gay
person below is cooler than kawolski


this person killed kawolski
person below is smarter than potato


True I have a IQ above 80
person below has daddy issues


False. I never had one
Person below has a weeb background


False. I started watching anime when I was thirteen, with a dad who basically thought it was all hentai. Found out my mom watched Sailor Moon as a kid, though, and that my brother was also into that stuff.

Person below is a veteran Roblox user (Basically from 2015 minimum) and has a guilty pleasure of playing bad mainstream games like Jailbreak.


True(?) My 2015 account was banned for no reason.

Person below Killed Shay.


true, he once joined our lobby with postmansam, and shay deleted our legs. so I sniped him form across the map

person below has family problems


Sorta true. My sister’s a jackass and she tends to pit my parents against each other.

Person below unironically likes Black Ops 4.


I dont play BO4


cuz @Moongduri did it during the banned post


oh btw
person below me plays war thunder


False. Potato

below is edgy


Um, That’s partiality true.
person below likes shadow the Hedgehog


False I like Sonic the hedgehog.

Person below is over the age of 14

I am don’t @ me


No shit Sherlock lmao. What do I look like, an edgy 14 year old.

The person below is the type of person who complains about modern Sonic games and does a thick line of the original Genesis Trilogy


Yeet, I’ve never played a Sonic game so I can’t complain.

The person below has read through all of the Scott Pilgrim comics


False I only got past the first issue,
Person below has played Colin McRae rally/Dirt before.


person below has over 500 hours of playtime in a single game


False. I’ve only attained 227 hours in Day of Infamy.

The person below has a secret chiptune fetish


false, i have no clue what chiptune is

person below is an actually decent person