[Game] True or False



Person below is older than sixteen.

Also, go Navy!


Sixteenth birthday was a while ago, so true.

Go Marines

Person below likes fried chicken over lemon pepper rotisserie.


Truth. I live in the South, so.

Person below lives in Europe.


False. America

person below is from an Asian country


false american too

the person below does really well in school


False, Im in 8th grade, so all my grades are zeroes

The person bellow enjoys dank memes


wait, WTF? please, put in effort, you wont pass otherwise…


False i do not watch memes.

Person below has the South Korean Flag as their profile pic


person below likes they did surgery on a grape


false. I don’t want a fucking robot to operate on me

person below has eaten at least 5 pizzas in his/her lifetime



next person plays minecraft



I just played minecraft earlier today actually

person below hates jailbreak


False, it can be fun and interesting, but there still no content and absolutely nothing to do despite how long it’s been out.

The person below me is looking on the website to slack off


why tf you ping me


False, but I tend to do it very frequently.

The person below has held a plethora of WW2-era weapons


True; I’ve held an M1911, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, and a Springfield M1903A3.

The person below me has a weird profile picture.


false, anime never gets too weird, no matter how weird it is, unless it gets too weird

the person below loves henry



the person below has got a kdr somewhere between 0 and 7.5


boku no pi-