Game Chain Thread


hello trigon, I am polygon


hi polygon, im 3d


Herro 3D, I’m 4D


Hello 4D, I’m the 13th dimension.


Hello 13th dimension, I’m Doctor Who


hi doctor who, im enforced tabloids and political correctness!


hi leftist propaganda, I’m a meme | Change my mind


hello meme | Change my mind, I’m joke | Communism


hi Communism, I’m Ben Simon.


Herro ben simon, i am a south park profile pic


hi south park, im north park


Herro north park, i am west park


hi west park im linkin park


Herro linkin park, i am yellowstone national park


hello yellowstone national park. I’m wildfires


Herro wildfire, i am the yellowstone volcano


hello volcano, I am mantle


Hi mantle, I’m the super heated rocks called magma that is pressurised by the rest force of the earth which will eventually result in a volcanic eruption of the century which will cause global dimming, the opposite of global warming and will cause ashes to fall on humankind, wiping out the human race by causing famine


hi magma, im iCE


Hi iCE, I’m fire.