G36C the best


Ahh the G36C.
The G36C is a very very good weapon in the hands of the right player. Boasting not amazing damage, but also not terrible damage, the G36C seems like your average Carbine. Low recoil, a high fire rate, and overall a nice blend between the PDWs and Assault Rifles. Except the G36C moves at the speed of a pistol.
Yes, you heard me right. The G36C has a walkspeed of 15 studs/s, which is tied for the fastest walkspeed in the game for all primaries, and means rhat yes it moves as fast as a fucking handgun. It’s fast, it’s deadly, and you fucking bet you’re getting flanked right now by that one rank 20 using it.
Some more fun things to note is that the G36C can utilize the default suppressor with zero penalties in terms of shots to kill, which makes it not only a fast weapon, but a silent one as well. It also can demolish unaware players up close with a little setup that we like to call ARS Hollowpoints. Aim for the head and they are fucking dead. Of course it’s a very high-risk high reward situation, but with the recoil it’s actually quite easy to chain together headshots. Even on moving targets.
It doesn’t hurt that the G36C has a good fire rate, low recoil, and a 5 shot kill at range, even when suppressed, and it has one of the faster reloads in the game, alongside a good ability to conserve lead, and one of the most common ammo types.
Overall, the G36C might not look impressive, but in the right hands it is downright horrifying to face up against.


Stealth flank
  • Medium range optic of your choice (I prefer the Reflex)
  • Suppressor
  • Laser
  • Ballistics Tracker
  • Close range optic of your choice ( I love delta / mini sights)
  • ARS Suppressor
  • Stubby Grip / Laser
  • Hollowpoint
General Purpose
  • Medium ranged sight of your choice (I like reflex)
  • Compensator
  • Angled Grip OR Laser
  • Green Laser OR Ballistics Tracker


for gp I would do c79 as an all purpose optic

stubby is great for recoil

compensator is fine

green laser or I dare say AP


Hello 0.8x torso multiplier!