"From Ashes" Looking for a crew to revive it


Do you still remember that once upon a time we were all expecting Stylis to release a survival game?

That game was “From Ashes” and it was officially confirmed dead a year ago by ratt

It is still dead, but if you want to, you can help me revive it

I’m planning to talk to the devs if they can allow for a secondary team to work on the development of the game

Problem is that I don’t have enough personnel to make my team(with enough personnel I mean I only have 2 builders)

I’m looking for people willing to create, and to revive.

This game had a future but it had it stolen from him. Help me give that game it’s future back


Sounds cool. Too bad I don’t make Rocock games.


I can help build maps or models, I can script to extent, message me if you need help.


Ok. If no scripters appear in the next 24 hours you will be on the team


Congratulations, you are my scripter if the whole idea gets considered by the devs


Okay, great! Message me if we get approved.


We got denied 3 days ago