FPS drops on Dunes


I’ve been getting very unusual fps drops only in one place on Dunes. It’s behind the building with the large balcony near the scrap yard. I don’t know why it happens, but all there is behind that building are dunes.


I think ive been having that as well
It goes from 59.999fps to 20-30


Usually i run a neat 60 fps
But that fuking part of the map gives me lag spikes


Even on a fucking Mac, I get frame drops in Dunes…

Oh, and for me, it happens everywhere on the map, no specific place. Like one second, I’m on 50fps, the next, you get a huge frame drop that literally feels like 5 fps


O rlly?

I could never tell.

Maybe it’s because my framrate goes from 10-15…


I get 59-60 fps no matter where on the maps. No clue what your problem is oof.


pf is break roblox engine 's limit
and has huge map and physical makes laggy


I’ll go from a solid 40 FPS to like 10 randomly.


I get 15 - 20 fps on good days ;-; thats mainly because my computer is a potato


This FPS drops seems to happen at the Ghost’s spawn near the Motel signage that half lit


I know all the cars and props add something* to this map, but I could live without them. Ravod and Desert Storm are nearly void of props and they are the favorites (and act a lot smoother too). Not having a lot of extra details is really fine for a game that intentionally has a low-poly look. I would really love to try a Dunes without all the clutter and see how much more optimized it is.

*How much is debatable, depending on the map. The stuff in Dunes is cool. Warehouse is not bad. Suburbia … hmm …


me too.
sometimes I drop fps another map but dune drop fps too much
sorry for my idiots grammar


but roblox has many low spec user.
I use intel i5-7200u and intel HD graphics 620.
I can’t set full option because frickin’ damn graphics


Same dude, and my rig is pretty decent too.


I hear that.


Heck I get frame rate drops on all maps. Heck I was raised in lag.




We know this


to be fair though, he’s talking about framerate lag, not ping.


Same here