FM-9 Belt-Fed SMG




Class: PDW

Ammo: 9x19mm

Ammo Class: PDW

Fire Mode: Auto/Semi

Damage: 26-18

Range: 50 max - 100 min

Velocity: 2000 stud/s

Capacity: 150 rounds

Reserve: 300 rounds

Fire Rate: 780 RPM

ADS Magnification: 2.0x

Reload speed: 7.8s (similar to old MG3 reload speed)

Head Multiplier: 1.4x

Torso Multiplier: 1.0x

Penetration Depth: 0.5 studs

Movement: 13 stud/s

ADS speed: 13

Recoil: Low-medium

Bonus: Can accept a loose 300 round belt, but cannot reload.


In Shellshock, it’s a LMG.


9mm is too weak for a suppressive role, hence its PDW categorization.

If SMG’s with high capacities were allowed to be LMG’s, the PPSh would have been there a long time ago.


Stylis broke this rule by putting the PPK-12 (while it was a 5.56) in the PDW section right before they removed it and remodelled it to a 9mm.


Soo they broke their rule then they un-broke it by re-making it into a 9mm.



I has evidence of this happening:


I already know the PPK got moved to the PDWs when it was still in 5.45x39mm. I believe you did a Test Place update about it.


Yes, but it was someone else’s screenshot.


Right on.


Oh boy, another PPSH


Besides being a high capacity PDW, this has literally nothing in common with the PPSh.


So it’s a M4A1 with pre-buff G18 damage and has more rounds than the M60 and also chambered in 9MM,hmm… It could be bad…

  1. No earthquake suppression

  2. It will consistently get out-TTK’d by any PDW that isn’t the M3A1, bless its heart

  3. Slowest reload in class, compared to PPSh that reloads quickly like a champ, has a faster TTK, and can wallbang better. Still a bargain on the PPSh’s end for having less than half the magazine.

  4. The lesser mobility traits compared to other guns with similar up close TTK could be a deal breaker for anyone that is fine with 30 rounds in a PDW. And even when comparing to other guns with similar mobility, pretty much all of them are either snipers, or have a faster TTK.


So in nutshell it’s a oversized G18 with 150 rounds and is heavier,and is a AR-15 variant

  1. I meant to base it more off of the M4A1, which also has the same fire rate.

  2. Umm, no shit?


Me like Belt fed


Still waiting for a secondary that feels like an AR


To heck with suppressive fire. This thing would give the PPSh a run for its money.