Fix the damn game


The game keeps on breaking for some reason



inb4 purge


wow 10/10 helpful, no description what so ever.


sema fix pf pls hackers break it


sema don’t fall into po_ke’s demands, cease the addition of the Hecate now!


There are a few servers that are glitched, shown in agentjohn2’s video. The character goes wonky and then dies. Then after that you cannot spawn without dying from falling infinite studs.


dude just reset and ur good to go


And also what did the new update do today?


poke didn’t suggest that noob, go away


Omg1!!1 so much detail1!!1

oh yeah. shitpost


Thanks for the detailed post.

Mfw it’s 64 degrees in November


Effort man effort. This has 0 effort and you roast others for not putting effort into their post. Don’t be hypocritical. Please state your thesis and some supporting details.