Fireaxe + Morning Star + Returning guns [Test place news #25]


How did you get it?


it was accidentally released and unlockable the day the tomahawk and longsword came out, but it was quickly patched


It’s not patched, I still saw it roll by a few days ago when trading in for 6 very rare skins, along with the Morning Star.


How much back stab damage to the zero cutter


I dont know. I’m guessing it is similar to the tactical spatula




Thank You for the list I like one hit back


let me edit for u


Atleast I can brag that I had it along with the Stunstick in the test place.


actually the attack gap isn’t that bothering tbh


From what I’ve heard, Shay finished a M24 model.
I’m excited.


Oh yeah now I can do a PUBG sniper loadout


I find that sniper surprisingly alot too.
Especially in Vikendi (aka lovely Northern Lights map)



Oh wait, it’s the R700 variant, not one of the M14 variants.


More 3000 stud/s snipers I take it?



New “Reflectance” tab in Skin Customization, The higher, the more it reflects from the skybox.

Oh and uum…
Hitreg is amazing right now in the test place.

0 issues with it so far, even with melee’s, birdshot,…


NICE, any buff or changes as of now?




You sure your ping isn’t 1ms?


What is it look like?


No, But the hitreg is god perfect now.
Even everyone in the server agrees.

Don’t underestimate our Raspy_Pi.


I don’t really notice much difference, but it should make skybox light reflect more on your gun.
(It turned my SA58 SPR into dark gray weirdly enough)