Fireaxe + Morning Star + Returning guns [Test place news #25]


the fire axe looks sexy imo


UPDATE: Blizzard is back but it’s way more different than before


Ye, Wolf has been working on it for some time now

Now it has no underground


oh nice


This is the most boring update thread compared to the last one


well, Pretty much nothing is happening in the test place.


no shit


except for stupid balancing


Dead again



Guys if confusion was a drug, I’d be high as fuck
.Also if cocaine was a drug,- oh wait, it is.


Check the balance list again

They have reasons now



Looks like we got luck revamp


I have seen this version already in the main game.
It’s a gamemode exclusive map version.


yo where’s the fal shorty



The test place balance log mentions the return of the FAL PARA Shorty and the PPK12 soon.


a fire axe and a morning star?!? wow.
now i cant wait for the holy mackerel to be added.


Apparently it’s out in the main game already, but are secret and can only be obtained with great luck by trading in 6 very rare skins, just like the Zero Cutter.

There are a few users here on this forum that own the Zero Cutter, go ask them.

(I’m still grinding for it, I have spent 50,000 credits already, but no luck)




ah yes, i have the zero cutter. and it is hella dank