Fireaxe + Morning Star + Returning guns [Test place news #25]


why do I not have this thread on tracking






Update: Crane site revamped MIGHT be coming back to pf since Mar keeps posting images of crane site revamped that looks different from before


I will be waiting…

And the hill better be in the same spot! It always psyched me to have the cranes actually be useful for supporting defenders/attackers.


Crane Site Revamp : Revamp



Now with extra Mirage!


did someone say


nostalgia strikes back


That’s crane site + mirage


Why god. Whyyyyy…




A new map hit the test place called:

Polar System

0/10 no Northern lights…


Same guy who made rig. He took most of rig’s elements and added orange lights


I think xd


I think you mean Refinery.


yeah that


New stats for the test place



Pump actions are viable again.

Flechette is a bit more viable; I may start running it over Birbshot, depending on the situation.

Normal suppressor is the quiet standard over the R2, which may have me run it on all my classes rather than my “have a suppressor just to have it” classes.

My only problems are the DBV up close damage buffs, the Steyr’s ammo being buffed rather than nerfed, Hollow Points still having a negative torso multiplier, and the AWS having its velocity buffed.