Fireaxe + Morning Star + Returning guns [Test place news #25]


Idk it fucking reminds me my cheap bb gun XD


What type pf mod is i am realy want to know there is lots of guns in there


Finally i can do something with my votes XD


I do not understand


Is it zombie phantom forces or moded




Because the discussion was getting extremely cancerous. That and it was overshadowing the new test place news that should be brought to the forefront.



a cricket bat is confirmed in pf. it’s not in test place. maybe in the next update or later.


a cricket bat…
:thonk: x 100


Later update will have 2 variants of bats


Tbh they should release special ammo for snipers
But make them balanced


Like brighter tracers for example


Not confirmed, but Mar is most likely going to buff the M45A1.


R.I.P M1911 then.
M45A1 will once again overpower it.


Except M1911 has a better 2-hit kill range and the fact that it can 3-hit kill at any range to the torso.



The M45 will still have its pitiful 2hko range.

This only makes the 3 hko distance longer with slightly more controllabilty.


then buff the max damage even more



With this buff, both the M1911 and M45A1 will have complimentary roles to each other, making neither obsolete.


Do we need something that needs no buffs or even nerfs


Tell Mar to buff the Scar H