Fireaxe + Morning Star + Returning guns [Test place news #25]


Not sure how I like it on the A1, I’d probably have to get used to it.

It looks pretty damn good on the A3 tho



baseplate is votable for some reason uwu


nvm. it’s the map I posted screenshots.

i got baited


Toxic in Top View.

also, Nightstick got new animations

New Votekick too


smells like mirage remake to me


Main game update:

So the main screen message updated, With “additions” that we already had in the test place, I believe we might get an update today or soon!

Weapons added to the main game:

  • FAL 50.63 PARA
  • MSG90
  • SA58 SPR
  • MC51SD
    • The MC51SD got moved to Battle Rifles!
  • SAIGA-12U

Weapons that are no longer in the test place (But should return later on right?, It has to right? They always return sooner or later!)

  • FAL PARA Shorty
  • PPK12
  • HK21
  • SVK12E
  • Fire Axe
  • Morning Star

New map: Prison Break

  • It’s Black Site but renamed!


Just like I thought, The update came out today!


MC51SD has actual new sounds!

(Video with the sounds, Also in x0.5 and x2)



why does a 7.62mm NATO battle rifle reload faster than the MP5, which is like half the weight?


why is the A2 black?


And the M60 got a update on the color and the bullets actually look like bullets,not cylinders:


The M60 looks so cleaaaannnnn


Oops, forgot a poll for 4.2.0:

  • This update was AMAZING!
  • This update was good!
  • This update was okay!
  • This update was bad!
  • This update was HORRIBLE!

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wheres my chinese guns


Didn’t they confirm some back when Mods Mailroom streams we’re a thing?


Stylis… Why?



That is all.




It’s the update code for this amazing update.


after ranks are halved @Darkman_Bree

Mr. Dark I don’t wanna go