Finally Getting a Better PC


I have an HP computer with an i5 Core Processor coming to me in a few days to a bit over a week. I can finally run PF at full graphics now, ah yes it’s gonna be glorious once it gets here.

Now I can finally upload more Phantom Forces videos and make montages and stuff. This post isn’t really important but I’m just informing you that I’ll be able to upload more PF content with better FPS and quality.


Nice, just got a HP Myself with a i7 that runs solid 60 fps owo.


And I run on a Lenovo laptop that cost me 200 bucks…


Good for you but what matters most in gaming is the graphics card
can u specify what graphics card you habe


Whoa, you use HP too?!

Welcome to da HP fam boi.
I myself have an HP Omen laptop, which has a GTX 1050ti graphic card, I run Rainbow Six Seige at above 60fps in Ultra graphic. Also, I have a core I7, which makes it even better. Plus the logo looks dope af.


gotta upgrade computer :C
gt 420 koff koff


Dam HP suqs…

Get a dell or something


499$ HP originally 804$

60 FPS on PF solid.

Boi what chu mean.


Not fair.


299 Dell on eBay originally 900

probably 80 fps pf


Roblox Caps at 60




Well It could on other games…


thats why roblox is dumb


Hi, I am looking for Gaming PC donations. Gibme a deskutoppo or I will r e p o r t you. Much thanks, I’ll draw an M4A1 for you .3.








yes but you will have to pay for it


Yup, just have to pay a small fine of fuck no. you ain’t gettin’ shit
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