Feature Request: DR Binary Skin


I am a huge nerd, and recently i got the binary skin from a DR case. Much to my dismay, though, the supertileu and supertilev are way to low to see them at any distance. is it at all possible that this could be adjusted next patch?



Yeah, those skins feel a little small. Can barely make out what they are.






No u


here are some screenshots of it


Oof that’s bad


ikr. i wanna see the numbers, i wanna be in the matrix


Oh god why? A suppressor and a ballistics tracker?


What if binary was made custom? You can increase the size from there.


because i’m a dirtbag of a player


sounds good to me. but that would require messing with the code more


I see you’re a top tier pun master as well


Bump. I WILL NEVER LET THIS DIE. DR binary is by far my favorite skin and I simply cannot allow this imperfection to be left alone.