Feature Request: Balisongs (butterfly knives)


Pain in the ass to texture, pain in the ass to animate, but totally worth it.
even if you put a R$ tag on it, i guarantee people would buy it. I happen to know a thing or two about them, and would be glad to provide pics, videos, tips, etc. on them. comment down below if you’d like to see one of these in PF.


How about instead of adding ass melees we don’t need, let’s add necessary features.

Sounds wonderful.

Melee Weapons For Newbies



so, why is

flagged and hidden.


OP can’t accept opinions lol


i kind of like the idea, maybe replace the Tac. Spat. with the balisong. I love the balisong irl


Never replace my spatula


The Filipino’s Protective Knife.


oH yEaH mR. kRaBs