Fan-made map specific arms


So I decided to take a break from my map remake to make some new arms for specific maps. I took the arms from and only uncopylocked version of PF I took forever ago and tried making some new arms, and I think it went pretty well.
I also got them in the uncopylocked version and increased the FOV to 105 so thats dandy.

What_Evan does not condone the use of hacked uncopylocked games

Desert Storm

This was the first set I made, and despite being kinda simple I think they work really well for desert storm. You might see the designs getting more detailed as the pictures go.


This was my second set, and I was going for mercenary design with the short sleeves and tan parts. I’m definitely going to revisit these because you can really see most of the unless you on 105 FOV.

Dunes mercenary 2

I did a different design for dunes, wearing a flannel with arm straps and holsters. I didn’t get too far with it because I couldn’t get a good flannel design. Maybe I’ll pick it up sometime.

Highway Lot

Now in trying to make the arms unique, I ended up with pretty much 2 different designs that I couldn’t decide on, so I got pictures of both and want a small vote on it to see.

  • picture 1
  • picture 2
  • Both

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This was the final design and I think I might have went overboard with it a bit. I was going with a more fitting green design, which works more than the black arms currently. I might have to go in and simplify it a bit.

Tell me what you think about my arms, and what you think I should do for suburbia (because I couldn’t think of anything)?
Any criticism is welcome and wanted.
I’m really enjoying making things on roblox, even if I’m inexperienced with it and don’t know exactly what I’m doing most of the time.

Uniforms for Classes
Uniforms for Classes

These are so good! Kinda hope that stylis don’t take this idea down due to stealing assets :confused:




I mean I’ve never released anything from it and I’d consider it transformitive. Also I’ve posted about the stolen game before and nothing happened so.


If one of the devs made models like that, it could be a good idea.


I love it.



This shit is pretty good





I require these in-game.



Poor fella


I’ve adjusted the sleeves on the dunes and the details of the highway designs, I’ll post about it later.


I am saddo


Oh hey adjusted arms woo.