Fan-made Highway Lot Remake

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Update: Terrain

So hey there, I didn’t get that much time today with school and other activities, but I took the time I had to get the terrain worked on for a test release soon.
This is a very big, but a insignificant and boring as hell update. The new terrain has plenty more polygons, and slightly reworked heights.
There were also minor changes that weren’t important enough to show.

May or may not have more time tomorrow, we’ll see. If I do, expect more significant changes and possibly a test announcement.

More to come.


This map is BY FAR better than normal highway lot… Nice job!

also sees speedgun GOTTA GO FAST, kthxbai


Walking is for the anti-communists


No updates for today, Don have time to work on it, I’ll have something for you tomorrow.


I think Highway Lot and Crane Site just had a baby.


This project isn’t dead, I’ll make a post about it in the next day or so




Thanks @FreeenchFries


I have one question. Where the fuck are you finding this shit from? Minecraft phantom forces?



My server which is actually Minecraft Phantom Forces in Vanilla.




Doesn’t even give an IP, what a noob




No ip? am sad


Teh ip?


There are a couple of bunch things in it though which will be revamped in the 1.13 Update Aquatic update.

And there’s not often many players on.

If you really still wanna join:
Version: 1.12.2

The gamemode is called Purpur Force.

Left Click = Aim for better accuracy but slower movement.
Right Click = Shoot/Throw Grenade/Use Two Handed Blade/Blunt’s long range ability/Throwing Knife throw.
Drop Item = Reload

Ranks until 130 and Attachments unlocked by kills (not for all weapons yet) exist.

Extra notes:

  • Weapons cannot be bought.
  • There’s no BT.
  • Weapons may not be 100% realistic.
  • Maps may not be 100% correct (Edits)
  • Custom maps exist like Prison, Plaza,…
  • Custom weapons exist like FN FAL, M14, Makarov, Molotov,…
  • Some maps or weapons are still missing.
  • Game will be entirely remade in 1.13 with better realism, attachments for all guns, rebalances, removal of bad maps,…
  • 2 extra catagories: Heavy Weapons, Heavy Pistols.
  • It takes half as much XP to rankup.


you have rightclick and leftclick swapped? why


Minecraft engine, I can switch it, but left click can’t be automatic, if you do, it’s simply burst.

You could change your options.


He did it to me too, filled my entire list


Cool, I might play it after school, : )


Gotta hope for players then, It’s usually 0 :confused: