Fan-made Highway Lot Remake

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same, as long as it has no gulags


Going to have an update later today, added something that makes the map look 10 times better.:ok_hand:


Looking forward to it :smiley:


Update: Thinking big

Hello there, I have another update to show you with some interesting things that make the map look so much better.
Most notable is the multiple stories above offices that really help the map look even better, it makes this company feel more like an actual company.

I also worked on the back rooms which I’m still not entirely sure on, especially on the floor color, if you have any suggestions I highly urge you to comment.

Finally I cleaned up the highway a bit and changed the colors around to something that fits more, and finished the railing on it. While I do enjoy the colors, they didn’t really fit well and made the highway look a lot thinner in a way.

Note: I was going to upload a quick video of me just running around the map but it won’t upload on here for some reason and youtube says its going to take 30 minutes despite only being a few minutes, so unless I edit this later, no video today.

Finally, once I get the terrain done and such, I’ll open it to the public and try to get people together to play it with me and find glitches and see if the map still plays the same.

More to come.


This looks like a official PF map besids a few free models. GG


The only free models I use are the text on the SK dynamics logo, and the guns I use to test, everything else was made by me or stylis


I mean those plant meshes, I’ve swear I’ve seen them before


Those are stylis’ meshes, they’re on crane site and in the PF props place


Honly shat that is the kekkest map in history


Pf needs this map


Rip me, forgot to screenshot a close up of the building, woops.

But thank you, I didn’t know kek was used as complement but being compared to the great kek is wonderful


I find it quite contrasting, good commie, but seems like some areas need a tad-bit more lighting.


highway lot




A number of areas don’t have street lights yet, I’m too lazy to do that. and the office area is getting a few more changes to make it less oppressive feeling.

I’m focused on the terrain for now.


Really? Huh


They might’ve removed them in optimizations but last time I checked they were still there


I am liking this more and more every update I see, are you going to do something with the exterior of the dome structure to change it up a bit and allow the Highway side team to get a height advantage more than just a billboard.


I’m trying to keep it as close to its current version in terms of layout as possible, but with the addition of cars on the highway you can climb on top of them for better views.


Also for the dome, I don’t really want to touch it because I have no idea how shay made it in the first place so I’m terrified to change it. I’m not entirely happy with the colors of it and will use geomTools to make it look a lot better and smoother.