Fan-made Highway Lot Remake

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Oh yes. This is starting to look absolutely fantastic. If you can, try and get a close up shot of that ladder.


After school I will


Maybe when my map is done we could do a straw poll and compare?


This map is looking amazing, I think Shay might like it.


It’s too late (x2). My submission already made it to Shay, and he’s on the verge (or have already) published it.


I’m pushing it till shay himself tells me no.


feel u


This map feels alot more complete than it currently is.
It has character, unlike many of the current maps. Hell, even suburbia has some form of character.


Yo this looks absolutely awesome! Keep up the great work!


Well, I think this should be said first and foremost. You are doing waaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than stylis here. Second the original map was one of the first maps made, so I feel it looks that way because of its dated age. Third, in the crate room, you know the one with the roof windows, make the walkway have like some kind of protection, like some barrels, or maybe even make an area with a little crate that has supplies inside. Fourth, I think because this is a factory almost, you should have a first aid box somewhere secret as almost an easter egg, like in Desert Storm (for anyone who doesn’t know there is a small Roblox character being interrogated in one of the back corner rooms) but I feel like you should be added to the dev team as a map maker!


I agree.


I wouldn’t say I’m that good, I know shay has a thing where a bunch of community members are building maps (I think its 20 projects currently), Maybe if shay takes notice I could be added to that? That’s assuming people want to see me make more things. Also I try not to dabble too much with layout, people like its layout as is and I’ve already added quite a bit, but I’ll definitely look into it more



Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days, I decided to take a break and play games with friends for a few days and relax. I should have more stuff tomorrow night.

More to come.


I like the overall concept of the map, but being closer to shay’s style will probably work better with choosing a single color style and not have multiple different colors. Be like Crane site with the different shades of grey and toned down colors that are not popping out. There are a few reds that do this well too.


I do agree that keeping a monotone color scheme can look pretty good, I think the color variety makes a map stand out. Maps with a large amount of color variety are more memorable to me.

I guess things that pop out just… well… pop out.


Well, since no dev has seemed to notice this, @Toothless I call upon you to speak on this post!


TBH I’ve really been slacking on this project, game development has sucked up my time and attention. Not to mention tqsp_chaotic posts killing my morale.

I was thinking about color coding the areas, the main room being yellow, the tunnels being red, the garage being blue, etc. Just for the extra detail and color


looks good!


like u


no u, you sexy bastard!