Fan-made Highway Lot Remake

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Started changing a lot more than just colors, many things are changing designs.
Thank to a roblox crash I almost lost my entire days work, but thanks Cthulhu
for autosaves.

Im testing with different colors in the tunnels and other areas, let me know what you think.

Also the circle desk in the middle of the main building is just for testing, I threw it together in 30 seconds to fill up the space.

Side note, should I make updates as separate posts or just leave them here?

  • Keep them here
  • Separate posts

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More to come!


I could tell that this is much more to the standards of what is the current Crane Site, in terms of aesthetics


I love all the colors you’re using. Something about the all grey pallet they went for before just wasn’t doing it for me.


Yeah, color made a huge difference, I’m definitely going to adjust the main rooms tan and tunnels.


First picture, looks fantastic. Good quality and looks fresh. Second picture, needs some more cover. Maybe some sort of a crate or a few toppled vending machines. Third picture, I think change the pillar and support material. I would suggest just a different coloured concrete instead of slate. Fourth picture, I think looks pretty decently. Fifth picture, I think the grass is a little too light coloured. Sixth picture… the floor material I think needs a big change. The material just doesn’t match the rest of the essence of the map. Seventh picture looks great. The final picture I give the same verdict on the grass colour, it needs a change.


I’m drooling right now…that looks so much better than our current one…


Update: day 4

Today I pretty much finishes the main room minus a few models and clipping. I touched up the colors to make more sense and blend a lot better.
I touched up the outside area and SK Dynamics logo, fixed the really ugly colors in tunnels, and touched up the construction room a tad, but I’m nowhere near finished with that part.

I also began working on the parking lot and such but nothing worth showing, same thing with the highway. The office area is mostly the same minus adjustments, nothing worth showing.

A lot of my time was used reducing the part count, as I was being rather reckless with my parts over the few days I’ve been working on it.

Tomorrow I plan on working on the server room and storage areas near tunnels, as well pretty much redoing the entirety of the parking lot as most of it isn’t built evenly which is a pain in the ass.

Feedback wanted as always, maybe I’ll open the place up to the public in a few days.

More to come (expect daily updates, I’m enjoying mapping too much and have nothing better to do)!

Recruiting for a Fan-made Metro Revamp

I love the addition of the glass planes at the entrance of the hallway where the KOTH is…

I like that extra detail

And I think the round table at the main building should stay, but rotated such that the table is facing the KOTH hallway instead of the entrance


I’d say that it certainly is looking better. I still find the grass a little light, but it looks good overall. I’d say next there should be some sort of a way to climb up to that platform in the middle of the dome. Maybe some sort of a broken ladder that requires some jumping to avoid everyone just climbing up no problem.


I was thinking the exact same thing with the ladder, I want to add a few more skill jumps and such with this remake (because I love my movement in PF).
I was thinking maybe replacing it with some sort of crane or something, just the railing is kinda boring.


daaaaaaaaayum that looks good


Update: Day 5

Today was a slow, but rather productive day. I updated parking garage and completed the server room.
I’m quite happy with the parking garaged but not entirely sure about the colors overall, maybe a bit too grey? Idk.
I’m suuuuuper proud and happy with the server room, I honestly thought I’d look terrible and I’d procrastinate on it later, but I did it perfectly on the first go.
I also cleaned up the dome room, I thought it was too messy and gave it a splash of color.
(also thank you @Q_71 for the ladder idea, I like it a lot. Also I hope your finally happy with the grass color.)

Finally I fixed small issues around the map and did bits of work in the back rooms near tunnels, but its quite ugly so I don’t really want to show it just yet.

Tomorrow I’m gonna finish up the back rooms, start working on the highway, and decorate some offices.

I’m actually almost finished with the map, most of its done/near it. At this rate I’m likely to get it done around early to mid next week. When I do finish it, I’ll make a new post on here and reddit with a link to the place and tagging shay, hopefully getting him to check it out to give his expert opinion.

Finally thanks to everyone for their support, I can’t really express it to each of you and I’ll always feel like I’m not expressing it enough when I do. This is really my 2nd build in roblox minus a few small projects from years ago that are really bad, and the support is really encouraging and its great to know people are following my work. It gives me hope that any other projects and games I make will somehow find an audience even when I expect no one to care or try them out. I thank everyone for following an ultimately hopeless project that’ll probably not get added, but I guess everyone likes an underdog story. Thank you.

More to come.


@shaylan007 I think this is worth seeing

Also, link to the map pls thx


In a few days.


you should put some desks that have been flipped and a couple of toppled over vending machines…10/10


I have a few of those, but I’m trying to keep the map as close to its current version gameplay wise as possible though.


What is the game link?


In a few days


I like the concept, would like to change some of the stuff around lol.


You’re too late. I already remade Highway Lot in terms of aesthetics.