Fan-made Highway Lot Remake

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So recently I was playing on Highway Lot and really took in how horrible it looked. So I simply asked myself, if Stylis hasn’t remade it, why don’t you? So I did.
I’ve spend 2 days on it so far, and remembered how much I enjoyed making maps for PF.
I intend to keep the map layout and gameplay the same, but just adjust things and make it look so much better than it did.

Original pictures

Currently there is no terrain, as it caused the screen to black out whenever I pasted it in, and I’m still very unsure of color choices and designs on certain thing in the main room so those are to change.

This is only 2 days of work so far, so I didn’t go extreme with it.

Now because this is fan made, I wanted to know if any other builders are willing to help out and assist me on somethings (specifically the 2 main rooms and the office area), as I’m not particularly good with map making.

If your willing to help, comment below saying so and we can go from there.

(accept me shaylan-sama)

Ill update this with more recent pictures tomorrow, for now just scroll all the way down for later updates.

Highway Lot changes



Where else do you think I get my building skills from?


I think a revamp.would require me to need a graphics card.

No plz, I like Old Highway Lot (Well, Kinda)


If a revamp kills frame rate, does a remake increase it?



Nope. They both drop your frames.


I have decided to use my brain cells for later when I try to figure out why my mods won’t load on MC, so, please excuse the lack of effort.


Honestly better than this:


Other than that, it looks 10/10


Already working on it.


Holy dayum

where do you get the map to make this revamp out of tho


That looks exactly like old just different colors


Yeah I’m working on that, for the main rooms I was trying to get an idea of what I want it the colors to be, I’m revisiting most areas and changing them around a bit.


There used to be very old hacked uncopylocked version of PF and I have one of them on my PC.
I don’t condone taking the uncopylocked games thought (no ban plz).


I dunno. All it looks like to me is a giant re-texture project.


Boi what the fuck are you talking about


mirrors edge flashbacks


Honestly, this ain’t bad

I actually like the appearance of this version (except for the main office, it has too much carpet imo)


I wish I waited a bit before showing it off, looking back it is really just a recolor in these screenshots.
I think its a good showcase of how just color alone can change how good something can look. I have gone back and changed the actual look of things instead of mostly color.


Tbh i like the carpet


I don’t think the fabric material looks good for floors anywhere other than the computer room.