Factions, factions everywhere


Which did you join?

  • Drev’s UFAC
  • RedComm’s SWPC
  • TheTornadoDestroyer’s Amazon Packages
  • None

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Now I will quote Torush1…


We need a Belgian FAL Faction.


Dew it


Funny how I never came up with the SWCPC idea, you just assumed that I started it.


I haven’t thought about it


Can the leaders tell me something about their fractions?


well you see there is 1/2 of a fraction, then the 1/3 of a fraction, then the 1/4 of a fraction, then the 1/5 of a fraction, then the 1/6 of a fraction, then the 1/7 of a fraction, then ie. of a fraction.


Lol k




i feel like making a union that is a bunch of spies that use hidden weapons to defeat both sides of the enemy lines. Oh shit, thats like every Assassins creed game in existence.



Also the SWPC idea was made by me and Evan. (mostly Evan


We are a strong union! We fight against the cappie snobs



you mean 2 people fight against us?
didn’t i say that you should use “our” :^)


We have 1 or 2 more factions supporting us

tbh im gonna join one of the anti communist factions soon because we are 1 against many



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