Evolution of Robloxer4561 (Rank 100 celebration)


I do


Imo most of the AKs are mediocre without flash hiders, once you add them… boom


Use the flash hider :slight_smile:


4 months later, I am only Rank 103.

send help


sends help

I’m already rank 112


Ey TP, I was considering making a post like this. Do you mind if I do that? I don’t wanna do it before getting permission (because I don’t wanna be a certain someone who’s name is a measurement of distance)


Why do you need TPs permission? Do what you want.


Eh, I don’t want people to think I intentionally stole the idea of a post.

same situation happened with KiloMetre


You’re good


K thanks.

Also my kdr is stronker thin urs

Okay I’ll stop now