Evolution of Robloxer4561 (Rank 100 celebration)


I want that Orbeez


On day you will be blessed with this same random out of nowhere Quickscope true MLG Russian Cyka Blyat Rush B Obrez collat.


Need any tips on for the VSS? Talk to me first


Advertisement at it finest!

We got a team of weapon experts to help you at any time you call!
Like Admiral the VSS expert, well… which I am pretty much an expert in aswell.


.>:0 I cannot see Kekfield anymoar?!


Want RPK tips?
well you can call KrisMG for help!
simply dial 4202136069 to get tips!
Thats right, and its free of charge!


And I’m only a rank 61…for that fact


Actually, I could use some RPK tips, Recoil is too bad for me.


I can help to.


I thought you gave out ur real numbet till i saw the 420 part


In long range, treat it like a Russian DMR
Tap fire
Hipfire in CQC despite the hipfire accuracy being crap, because stat bar cannot into relevance
BalTrack is useless on the RPK actually
A surprisingly good load out for hipfiring => VCOG, Muzzle Brake, Stubby Grip, Green Laser


Congrats dude I’m finally back


For your info I’m 71℅ African 25℅ European and 4℅ west Asian don’t believe meh well my dad had a dna test done lol


woah is that a c/o or is it just me


I have it to.


That is not 100% are you 1% cyborg?




Main conclusion: You’re African American


I just like to say I’m 50% black 50% Dominican. Keep it simple.


Nope not completely sir my mom is getting her Dna test