Evolution of Robloxer4561 (Rank 100 celebration)


So, It has finally happened. I have now ascended to the 100+ Ranks, meaning, I can now say, I’m a PF veteran (I don’t need the tag)
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So, I guess to celebrate this long coming Rank-up, I thought I’d basically make a post describing my struggle to Rank 100.
[Warning: Quite Long!]

Ranks 0-9

Somewhere in the year of 2015, I had stumbled across a new First Person shooter that was released as an open beta. It was dubbed “Phantom Forces” (This was back when they had the thumbnail of the AUG sitting on the Crane). So, I tried it. One thing that might’ve blew me away was the graphics (Which now look ugly), and the map size. The Very first map I’ve ever played on was Highway Lot (Which could be why it’s my favorite map). So being the noob I was, I looked around and tried to play. However, I went 0-5 and eventually quit out of rage, promising myself to never touch the game again (Due to it’s difficulty). However, one day, my cousin had caught onto the game and told me about getting to Rank 5 and getting this gun called the “AK-12”. For a second, I thought An AK-12? there’s only the AK-47, but then I immediately got a competitive feeling. Me and my cousin would play many FPS games (Lame ones) and he was always the higher rank. So immediately, I wanted to be the better player, so I rushed back to PF and forced myself to begin playing (For the sake of my self-honor). I heavily struggled as a noob, and I could never find a gun to cope with. The M-60 was too shaky, the M4 was too M4, and the MP5K, meh. The Intervention was near difficult to use (I was generally a bad sniper), but I used all of them anyway (Hence why I am capable of basically using all the classes at equal skill). Eventually, I slowly begun to gain tiny skill, and managed to push myself up to the AK-12 (By this time my cousin had the AN-94). I never found favor with the AK-12, and continued on my way. Eventually, I managed to build myself up to Rank 9, and this would be the Rank-up that sealed my fate as a PF player. When I received the MP7, I found great favor with it, and my skill greatly increased. I began to lead, and sometimes carry, using the little PDW. Before long, I got to Rank 10 (My cousin was now at Rank 11-12).

Ranks 10-19

It was around these Ranks where my sniping skill increased dramatically. When i received the R700 at Rank 12, I immediately decided to give it a shot, and head shots felt easier to accomplish. So, from then, I adopted it as my primary sniper of choice. When I got the SKS at Rank 13, 2 things happened. 1, I became an SKS kiddie, and 2, my skill with DMRs increased greatly. Around Ranks 16-19, I began to find great appeal in the SCAR L (Yes, I used to like that gun), and the Glock 18. I loved the Glock for it’s automatic fire, hence why I decided to use it as my pistol of choice then. Eventually I got to Rank 20, receiving the noob-praised AUG A1.

Ranks 20-29

During these ranks, I found a lot of favor in using the AUG A1, and in fact, this was the first gun I had that I eventually got Bal Tracks on (Fry me). My skill would continue to evolve, along with beginning the very slow and long process of healing my heavily scarred KDR (To this day, it is only 1.1). At Rank 27, I got my grubby hands on the AUG HBAR, and quickly began to favor it. I eventually would find it as the most annoying LMG to be killed by, as I would later on begin to rage from being clapped by this gun. Around my late 20s, I became more aware of my want for the SCAR H (I have memories of being a noob and being mauled by the SCAR H and AG-3), and I began to play for it.

Ranks 30-39

When I had received the SCAR-H, I loved it so much (It was the first gun I got over 1K kills on), however, I had one major complaint: recoil. This complaint became important, because it would eventually trigger me to do something game-changing. One day, I was playing PF, and I tried a trick. As the SCAR-H’s recoil would cause me to move up, I slowly, and gently pulled the mouse down, making me slowly move my face down, and keeping the barrel pointed at the enemy. Almost instantly did I find this method to be extremely effective, and as I used guns with a lot of recoil, I adopted this method. This was very important to the way I played and greatly increased my accuracy at longer ranges. Which explains why I am able to use some Assault Rifles from as far as 300 studs. I later on leaned about the Dragunov SVU, and I instantly wanted to become a Dragunoob (I didn’t refer to myself as a Dragunoob then, but I refer to myself as one now). I eventually got the Dragunov, and briefly used it before I deemed it hard to use as the bullet’s kick would seriously screw my chance for a kill. One day, A user by the name of Senpai (I think it was Senpai, I didn’t recall) used an MP5 on the Highway Lot and massacred my team. I later on decided that the MP5 would be able to bless me with just as many kills as Senpai managed upon us that hopeful day. One day, I eventually met my goal and got the MP5. While I couldn’t get as many kills as Senpai, I could notice a difference in the way I played.

Ranks 40-49

During this point in PF, I learned the lesson of having to prove yourself, especially when you’ve got beef with another player. It was around this time that I had a serious beefing with a user by the name of BinaryIsEasy. I will not get into detail, because 1, it kinda makes me feel a little steamed, even today, and 2, it’s quite a long story. So in a nutshell, I couldn’t out-do a Rank 11 who used only a REX, and led his team the entire time (Yes, I was able to kill him, but he had more kills on me). Another important part of these ranks is 2 guns that would change the way I played. The FAMAS (~600 kills today), and the AK-47 (~1200 kills, but 1182 is more accurate). For a very long time, I counted down the Ranks to the FAMAS. Once I got it, I couldn’t use it for the first few kills, eventually needing to but a Coyote Sight for it. After that, it was all good, but when i got the AK-47, I basically forgot what a FAMAS was. Of all Assault Rifles I’ve used, I had the most fun with the AK, firstly quickly learning to handle it’s recoil, and it’s power. At Rank 49, I got the COLT SMG, and one thing I found quite interesting about it was the RoF. The first time trying it out, I applied my Recoil Reduction™ method, and used it briefly into my early 50s. I favored using it with a TEC-9, as both were very fast.

Ranks 50-59

At Rank 50, I knew I was halfway to Rank 100, and became more aware of my powerhouse skill. Around Rank 54, I bought the RPK (I didn’t wanna wait), and It was fun to use. This gun purchase would sprout my addiction of purchasing weapons (8 in total; RPK, BFG 50, SR-3M, AG-3, SCAR HAMR, Mosin, and Krispy Velcro), as well as my skill with LMGs (Once more, I adpoted my recoil Reduction™ method). In my late 50s, I was well on my way to new styles of fighting and weapons, as well as bigger challenges to face.

Ranks 60-69

IT was around these ranks that I became really aware of the amount of deaths I was getting. I’m the type of PF player that can roll in big amounts of kills, but in return, I died a lot. So, I had to resort to being (oh god) a…BFG SCRUB. Yes, I did use this weapon for an extended amount of time, and if I have to, I pull it out to remove scrubs from the map so I don’t feel as mad. I became aware of the SR-3M, a weapon that was small, fast, and high damaging, as well as glowing iron sights (BTW, Stylis, where are the glowing iron sights I knew the SR-3M for!?), so, I eventually bought the gun. After this, I unleashed carnage upon my enemies as suppression was 750% more effective with this sexy beast (To this day, I still use it to get me out of a pickle). As I began to approach the 70s, I was ready for a much more difficult challenge and some very effective weapons. Along with the SR-3M, the Honey Badger was another gun that I find very helpful, and quite good looking especially when you smack some Spetsnaz neons on the body.

Ranks 70-79

Oh yeah. These were some great times. Leading, new guns, 70-79 had all I ask for. Moar guns, moar respekt, and by golly I became less scrubby too! Looking back on these times make me feel warm and happy inside as Rank 70 was highly rewarding and assisted in molding me into the player I am today. There isn’t much to say about these ranks other than Those were the days!

Ranks 80-89

Where do I start? Well jumping into the 80s, I one day stumbled upon a method all pros use to traverse large maps faster (Sliding) and I adopted this method and still use it. (I mean I should, it was very important to the way i moved) I also began to try strafing while shooting, but it didn’t catch on as much as my Recoil Reduction™ method did. It was around these times that my cousin (It’s @Skillzz if you didn’t know) introduced me to the Stylis Studios forum (Yaaaaaayyyy). Later on December 16, 2016, I officially joined the forum, and made some of my first posts during class (Yes, I am serious). Also, at Rank 85, I finally got my heavily scarred KDR to 1 and above (Yes, it did take almost 60 ranks for that to happen). I also got a few weapons here that I appreciate and use today (AUG A3 PARA, Mosin Nagant). At Rank 89, I bought the Mosin Nagant, and my sniping skills and headshotting ability SKYROCKETED straight up, and made me into a near-unstoppable sniper (I am slowing down now), and this sniping would get me into the 90s, where this time would forever change my skill.

Ranks 90-99

I have been I my Rank 90’s for a very long time. It was around this summer where I began rushing my quest to Rank 100. However, the progress was greatly hindered by my trip outside the US (It was an excellent trip) eventually coming back, I focused greatly on trying to reach 100 (It was long and painful), as I had to resort to tryhard weapons sometimes in order to keep going. Eventually, we get to 2 days ago, when I made an Alt login on my computer, which has a completely empty hard drive, meaning that my computer can run PF so well, I’ve actually been able to play on Warehouse without lag (Shout out to my new 5GHz Wifi for making Lag Free grinding possible). Eventually, I stayed up late grinding. Eventually, I get up, and decide to play the next day. Using my music and my mix from Pandora, I finally managed to Rank up, to Rank 100, on a potato PC, in Desert Storm, with an M60.

I want to thank everyone at the Stylis Studios forum, mostly for still giving me will to play Phantom Forces, and helping to fill empty, unused time with MLG memes, shitposts, and other stuff like that. Anyway, that’s the end of my evolution from Noob to a Half-God, and I hope you enjoyed. If you enjoyed, be sure to leave a thumbs up, and maybe subscribe to me, down below! Be sure to click that bell too! (JK this isn’t Youtube)


Draw my Life, much?

I’m five ranks away from legendary 100
Then I’ll make new account and restart, yeah!


does anyone remember when phantom forces was released for free on September 1st, 2015?


Welcome to the Rank 100 club.

Here you will find many kids complaining and calling you a hacker, Jealous kids…
You will also find people that want help from you, like what are the best attachment combinations for the AS VAL, Any tips on using the VSS Vintorez, How do I use a M60 without tracker,…

For your reward of reaching the 100th Rank, you have been given an exclusive copy of the KRISS Vector, Enjoy it! *

Through your adventure as a Rank 100+ you’ll earn 2 more weapons, If you wanna keep it as spoiler, Do not click this blurred text -> Obrez and M231 <-

Enjoy your Rank 100 status!

  • Disclaimer: It’s not exclusive, Credit freaks can still buy it and every Rank 100 has it.

After 1 year and 3 months

oh no what did you do to your KDR I feel bad for it :(((


Wait wot?!
Skillz is ur cousin?
So does that means skillz is…colored


Me, I guess…



Would’ve been better if you said black


I was Rank 0


Nice job, I remember how I hit rank 100.


Moist Nugget kill at close range


It was a jump shot.




Off the little stairs on ravods unfair spawwntrap.








Yeah, but it’s discriminating.


This is next.

Dont mind the triggered guy in the chat.
EDIT: Dont mind both of the triggered guys in the chat.


congrats my dude on reaching rank 100