Equipment suggestion: Tactical Flashlight!


This should be the first equipment that you unlock in the game, as it is simple and easy to balance (thank me later).
Doesn’t need to look like this entirely…

what does it do
The tactical flashlight will be an equipment for ranks 20 and above. When you equip the equipment, it becomes an extra (integrated) flashlight for your primaries (mp10 for example). You will be able to turn it on and off by aiming down and pressing F. This is the brightest flashlight in the game but with a narrow beam of light.
special perks with it:
Instead of shooting glass, simply running into glass will break it, since this tactical flashlight has a glass breaking tip similar to the image above.
If possible, the color of light coming out of the tactical flashlight should be customizable in the equipment menu.
Another perk: doesn’t take up any space in attachments, as mentioned.

What are your thoughts on this suggestion? I’d bet you a million dollars that this will make it into the game as the first unlockable equipment.


Btw I didn’t randomly come up with this, someone in the discord mentioned this being an equipment, and I came up with how it works.


ooooooooo, now this i like

too OP imo. i just feel like its a bit too OP


Good idea just the spotting should have very limited range


i enjoy this idea, weird perk for a flashlight in a video game imo, but unique

i guess this is fine? i see the potential of it in cqc situations if the enemy has a suppressor… or if it spots for enough time to see if they run away or just hide around a corner… but i cant think of any other way of it being beneficial unless your teammates are looking at the radar 90% of the time.

the only general problem i have with this is the pretty impractical use for flashlights. really the only time i dont easily spot someone is when they’re lying in the middle of a doggy pile of corpses or hiding around a corner i normally dont expect anyone to be around. unless the lighting does get changed where flashlights are a general positive to have in certain areas of maps, but i doubt the majority would like that. i don’t think i’d have something like this equipped to be able to shortly spot people and run through glass while having the annoying look of the lighting in the current build.


i like


This is a very neat idea. However, you know that flashlights in PF aren’t the most useful and, supposedly, the most “optimized”(instead of a flashlight beam, the game lights up that area where the gun is pointed, making it pretty delayed and glitchy). But I can most definitely see this being added. Anyway, check out my new thread that I have made.


What I mean by beam is the light coming out has more range and has a narrower spread


Me reading the title:

“Is this boy retarded, we already have a flashlight!”

Me after knowing how ignorant I was: