Equipment suggestion SUPERMEGATHREAD


This thread is for suggesting equipment. Please try and think thoroughly of how your suggestions work along with the pros and cons. If they are too powerful, they could not be added.(if stylis even adds equipment)
Here is my suggestion as an example:

Advanced Transmitter
Team deathmatch:
Enemies within a 20 stud radius appear on the minimap but are not spotted.
When you are capturing a point and/ or being attacked, a message in chat appears as follows:
[Transmitter]: A friendly is capturing point A.
[Transmitter]: An enemy is contesting point A.
Everyone on your team can see the message.
My idea for this suggestion is to give it benefits for a few game modes.
Special funtion for each game mode:
The Advanced Transmitter tracks the tracer from AP ammo from high - powered semi auto rifles. Enemies who were hit by your AP bullet will be spotted the closest friendly to the enemy. If the enemy is killed by the nearby teammate, you will earn a small bonus:
[Transmit-assist] + [50XP]

On to the con: The Advanced Transmitter can be countered while you are spotted, and it can be destroyed if you are shot in the back for 80 HP. You have the equipment back upon respawning.


Why have a megathread when you can have a dead SUPERMEGAEXTREMETHREAD


Its not a megathread or a SUPERMEGATHREAD if you put just one suggestion


Megathreads are posts which request people to suggest things


That’s just a suggestion thread.


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There should be special classes found in crates like the ones in bf1